Site Surveys

A site survey is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of a construction project. It is quite literally the foundation of your project – the physical location on which your facility or store stands. So, a meticulous site survey is absolutely necessary for the successful completion of any remodeling or construction project.

We at Pacific Premier Construction firmly believe that a marvelous plan starts at the bottom and works upwards. We also believe that retail store locations have a personality of their own and play a profound role in the success of your business. This is why we value site surveys as an essential component of a construction project.

What Does a Site Survey Involve

A site survey is a process to gather information about the physical location of your retail business. It usually involves three phases – data gathering, site inspection, and evaluation. During the first phase, our Site Survey team will gather all the relevant data about the site, including project and installation drawings.

During the second phase, our team will perform a site inspection of your location, measure the site’s dimensions, take photographs of the site, and find out if the location is suitable for constructing the proposed structure if there are any obstructions in the vicinity if there is road access and so many more aspects.

In case of an onsite survey of existing structures, our team will take pictures of the fixtures, installations, and the free space available, make a note of the interior and exterior footprint and verify the location of cabling outlets, AC equipment and ducting firewalls, and telecommunication pathways.

During the third phase, our team will analyze the gathered data, identify site issues and potential violations, and give you an accurate assessment of the location, using which you can make a judicious decision.

Why are Site Surveys so Important

Starting a construction project or an expansion project based on the drawing supplied by your landlord or the previous owner of the place is never a prudent idea, simply because you have no idea if the structure was built exactly according to the plan, if any renovations were made without obtaining the necessary permits, or if anything else was done in violation of permits.

These oversights could prove to be costly during the construction phase when you might have to revise your plan and start all over due to non-compliance of zoning bylaws and building permits or due to structural issues. This is particularly true for large scale expansion or construction projects that involve massive investments.

Such a scenario could be avoided completely by performing a thorough site survey before you start the project. In fact, the very purpose of a site survey is to look for issues that could potentially delay or outright derail your project during the execution phase.

Site Surveys by Pacific Premier Construction

At Pacific Premier Construction, we conduct detailed site inspections that look for potential structural, electrical, telecommunications, and plumbing issues as well as possible violations of municipal restrictions, permits, codes, and bylaws.

Site surveys are conducted by our Program Management field team, which includes our own electrical, HVAC, and carpentry employees. Our employees are known for their professional expertise and have worked on a large number of projects over the years. They know exactly what to look for in a site survey and how to find out issues that could potentially affect your project.

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