Pre-Construction Services

Save time and money on your Las Vegas commercial building projects with pre-construction services by Pacific Premier Construction. The consulting work we do before a nail has been hammered or a framing job finished can make each step of the commercial building process go more smoothly and end up more profitably. Find out more about how pre-construction consulting and management can benefit you.

Architectural Services

Architecture is about so much more than ending up with a good-looking building. Defects in this area can result in structural defects that slow your project down or result in many costly renovations and backtracking. We offer architectural services as the first step in pre-construction to lay a strong, reliable framework for your project from the beginning.

  • Clarify Your Design Clearly To Builders
  • Make Design Changes- to comply with regulations, adjust project scope, or add more value.
  • Meticulous Oversight — to make sure builders follow the design exactly.

Client Representation

Even if you have the experience and expertise you need to manage a major renovation or construction project, your extra time is probably devoted to running your day-to-day operations. We offer client representation services in order to represent your interests, manage and oversee your construction project, and make sure your stated objectives are met at the end of the project.

  • We establish clear goals and objectives and set out to achieve them in a timely, cost-efficient manner.
  • We track and control costs effectively and make sure we complete tasks without exceeding budgets.
  • We anticipate delays and develop contingency measures in advance.
  • We develop a foolproof plan with a series of short-term goals.
  • We coordinate with stakeholders, motivate team members, and get the best out of everyone involved.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to expedite various processes and increase accountability.
  • We use project management principles to save your resources to the extent possible.

Site Survey

A meticulous site survey is essential. Whether you’re aiming to complete a remodel or ground-up construction project successfully, you’ll want the physical location for your facility or store to be the best foundation possible. This earl attention can prevent costly issues and time delays down the line.

Our project management field team includes electrical, HVAC, and carpentry professionals who know what to look for during a detailed site inspection. We can spot structural, plumbing, electrical, and telecommunications issues, along with code, permit, or bylaw violations during our three-stage survey.

  • Data Gathering (Phase I) — we gather all relevant data about the site, including project and installation drawings.
  • Site Inspection (Phase II) — we measure the site’s dimensions, take photographs of the site, and make sure the location is suitable for constructing your specific structure. We look for obstructions in the vicinity, road access, cabling outlets, AC equipment, ducting firewalls, and telecommunication pathways.
  • Site Evaluation (Phase III) — we analyze all gathered data. We identify any site issues and potential violations and give you an accurate assessment of the location.

Value Engineering

We apply the concept of value engineering to reduce your costs in the long term without compromising the quality of your construction product. Instead of inflating construction costs with expensive equipment or falsely reducing costs with structural and integrity sacrifices, we want you to get true value out of your build.

Our three-step value engineering process ensures cost reduction and value addition at every stage of the project.

  1. Acquiring Information — about your objectives, quality criteria, and definition of value.
  2. Analyzing Information — to create cost-cutting solutions for each stage of the project.
  3. Developing Proposals — develop our ideas into workable proposals and present them to you.

Program Management

Once we know your goals, we develop and prioritize actionable, goal-oriented milestones. You can trust our project managers to plan every stage of your project carefully. We take care to anticipate issues and hurdles and develop contingency plans to mitigate them.

We work as a single point of contact, communicating with both architects and designers, to make sure your final design is up to your expectations and up to code.


We always try to stay a step ahead of schedule. Our familiarity with your build helps us limit construction delays and anticipate avoidable problems. This way, we can avoid problems instead of wasting time and energy solving them.

Hire A Pre-Construction Contractor In Las Vegas

The goal of our pre-construction services is to save you time and money wherever possible without compromising safety or quality during your build, all while maintaining the utmost integrity of the project. Contact us at Pacific Premier Construction today to consult with our team of project managers and hire pre-construction services in Las Vegas.