Rollout Management

Program rollout is a complex undertaking that requires a significant deal of planning and industry-specific expertise. It takes a coordinated effort from a team of experts to keep track of the project’s progress in multiple locations simultaneously, maintain the schedules, and complete the project on time. The solution is to adopt a single-source approach, wherein a program rollout team is responsible for the planning and execution of the entire project.

We at Pacific Premier Construction create poignant program rollouts and our team can ensure your projects – irrespective of their size and volume – are completed on time and within the estimated budget.


This is the first and perhaps the most important step in a retail rollout program. No two rollouts are the same, as businesses follow different models and have different requirements. So, our team of experts can create a customized plan based on your specific needs and goals. Our plans are adaptable and are designed to accommodate changes and updates throughout the course of the project.


Large rollout programs require a number of permits, licenses, and utility connections, all of which typically have long lead times and could delay the project considerably. To avoid this possibility, we make a list of every single permit, license, and connection that might be required throughout the course of the construction process and apply for the same well in advance.


We negotiate with the suppliers to acquire high quality construction material and equipment at the best possible prices, which will save you a lot of money both in the short term (by reducing your direct costs) and in the long term (by reducing your maintenance costs due to superior quality material and workmanship).


Our project managers and supervisors oversee the entire project, moving from one location to another at regular intervals and coordinating with the local crew of workers at each site.

Our team members communicate and coordinate with each other constantly to make sure they are all working towards the same goal. Our team members internalize your project’s needs and end goals and evolve what we call a ‘group mind’ or ‘hive mind’, wherein everyone is on the same page and working towards the same result in a profound manner.


Effective communication is absolutely essential for the success of any large project, particularly something as labor-intensive and time-consuming as a retail rollout. This is why we have made proactive communication a cornerstone of our rollout strategy. Our project managers, supervisors, coordinators, and team members communicate with each other constantly and make sure that any errors or issues are pinpointed and rectified at the individual site level itself.

Effective Structuring of the Project

We usually break down a project into a number of intermediate deliverables, which are easy to plan and implement. Each of the crews working at different locations have a series of intermediate goals, achieving which will bring the whole team closer to the end goal.

If something goes wrong with a particular deliverable, which is likely to happen in any large project, we can quickly rectify it, learn from it, and make sure the mistakes are not repeated in the subsequent stages of the project.


If you are worried about the potential loss of revenue due to downtime, we can schedule our construction activities in such a way that you can keep your business up and running while the work goes on in the background.

We can perform our construction activities in an open environment, without disturbing your store’s business in any way. If you prefer to stop your operations until the construction work is completed, we can arrange for that as well. At the end of the day, your convenience and preferences are what matter to us the most.


One of the unique selling points of Pacific Premier Construction is that our program rollout strategies are adaptable. We have the ability to extend your project – either to add more locations or new features – and still deliver prolific results without compromising on quality.

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