8 Custom Home Design Trends For 2022

Home construction and design are ever-changing fields, with trends sweeping through every year. Savvy homeowners stay updated on the latest developments, whether they plan to build a new home or completely remodel their current one. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind home, partner with an expert luxury home builder who can bring your vision to life.

Current Home Trends

  1. Distinctive Spaces
  2. Connection To Nature
  3. Stylish Universal Design
  4. Hardworking Storage
  5. Glass
  6. Resurgence Of Classics
  7. Indispensable Kitchen Islands
  8. Marble & Lookalikes

Distinctive Spaces

COVID forced homeowners to reshape their homes to accommodate work, exercise, and hobbies. As a result, many have gained a new appreciation for distinctive spaces, each with a defined purpose. 2022 has seen a jump in demand for single-purpose rooms such as offices, gyms, theaters, and art studios.

Connection To Nature

People are craving a connection to nature. This growing desire has inspired designers to utilize local, organic materials in natural colors as often as possible.

Some homeowners are going the extra mile by seeking to blur the boundary between inside and outside. The best way to realize this vision is to create an outdoor space that mimics an indoor room. If you’re interested in taking this direction with your custom home, adding a TV to your deck or an outdoor fireplace to your patio are great first steps.

Stylish Universal Design

Many homeowners look to custom home builders for help to create their forever home. If you plan to age in place, you should incorporate universal design principles into your home now to make it more accessible in the future. Luckily, elements like shower benches, curbless showers, and nonslip flooring are valuable features for all ages.

Universal design products are both attractive and functional. Grab bars come in stylish finishes like matte black and champagne bronze. They also double as towel bars.

Hardworking Storage

Designers are devoting more attention to stylish, functional storage. Innovations debuting in 2022 are in-drawer outlets for blow-dryers and shelves to lift kitchen appliances to countertop height. Professionals recommend utilizing closed and open solutions to inject a healthy dose of visual variety.

Glass Is Very Popular

The home design world is becoming obsessed with glass. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and glass roofing create spaces full of light, fresh air, and beautiful views. Leveraging so much natural light also helps homeowners reduce the amount of electricity they use.

Resurgence Of Classics

Designers are returning to classic details like breadboard, shiplap, and raw wood accents. These details add character, texture, and balance to an otherwise monochrome color palette. Depending on how it’s installed, shiplap can accent a room’s height, length, or width.

Indispensable Kitchen Islands

Homeowners want kitchen islands, regardless of their size. For some, redoing the layout to fit one is why they invest in a kitchen remodel. When you think about everything that an island provides — extra counter space, seating, and storage — it’s easy to see why the demand is so high.

Kitchen islands in 2022 often include trash pullouts, a prep sink, and a major appliance such as the dishwasher or oven.

Marble & Lookalikes

Marble remains a go-to building material. Contractors are expanding the use of marble in the bathroom. Expect marble floors and walls outside the shower, not just inside it.

For the kitchen, homeowners opt for durable, engineered quartz with a light, marbleized look. These countertops have all the style of the real deal but are far easier to maintain.

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